I am curious about Jesus' return with the faithful for 1000 years after the Rapture. Considering that there have been hundreds of millions of Christians over the past 2000years, where will they find room to live on Earth?

Two Jerusalem’s are mentioned in Scripture (Galatians 4:25-26; Hebrews 12:22). One is the earthly home of the believers during the millennial period. The other is heavenly – the New Jerusalem, or celestial city, which hovers over the earth in space for one thousand years before settling on earth forever.

Christ has been preparing this New Jerusalem for 2,000 years (John 14:2). This magnificent masterpiece descending toward earth reminds one of the elegant beauty of a bride on her wedding day (Revelation 21:2). Verses 9-27 present a glowing description of the city.

The Almighty will handle global operations from this satellite city. The redeemed in glorified bodies will live there and travel back and forth to earth from their city in space in a moment of time. Resurrection and rapture are the only ways to obtain glorified bodies. Those with bodies of flesh, who were born during the Millennium, enter the eternal state with natural bodies and live on earth in and under the light of the Holy City (Revelation 21:24).

In Revelation 21:16 John gives a description of the New Jerusalem as being 12,000 furlongs or approximately 1,400 miles cubed – height, length, and width. At just 25% capacity, it will be able to accommodate roughly 20 billion people.

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