During our 1000 year reign with Christ, why do you think satan will be loosed for a season?

Florence, CO

At the end of the seven year time of Tribulation, Christ will return with His saints. The saints who return with Jesus will have their new glorified bodies (Philippians 3:21). Those who survived the Tribulation Hour and who are not condemned in the judgment of nations are allowed to enter the Millennium in their mortal bodies (Matthew 25:34). Since they are in mortal bodies and are able to procreate, babies will be born during this thousand year period. They, of course, will also have mortal bodies.

Because Satan is bound in Revelation 20:1,2), there is no enticement to sin among these mortals, their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. However, the children born during the Millennium still possess the old Adamic, or sin prone, nature. Because Christ rules with a rod of iron, they are kept under control for that thousand year period.

After 1,000 years of being bound, Satan is loosed again for a brief season (see Revelation 20:7); because God has always wanted everyone to follow Him by his or her own free will. So these millennial children are tested, and I am sad to say that multitudes after being with Jesus and seeing His sweetness, His tenderness, His love and His compassion will say, I want to be with Satan. It is really the same as at His first coming, when the people were with Jesus, and yet refused Him.

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