Here we are with Question of the Week and because we received so many questions about this issue, we had to address it again. First of all, from The Wall Street Journal, The age of pandemics. The threat of deadly new viruses is on the rise due to population growth, climate change and increased contact between humans and animals. Then from The Washington Post, Going Global: Tracking and Tackling Virulent Microbes. And Jack is going to address this for us.

I just read in The Wall Street Journal that the Swine Flu is coming back this fall with a vengeance. Fortunately itís been mild now. Not many have died, but they say watch out. But weíre getting the vaccines ready for this fall. But listen to me folks. Rexella said that much of it is because of animals. Thatís what the Bible says in Revelation chapters 6 verses 7 and 8. One-fourth of the population dies through viruses created by animals, the beasts of the field. And thatís whatís ahead of us.

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