I would like to know if being baptized as a baby and sprinkled is the correct way to be baptized. If a person has been baptized by sprinkling as a baby, should he be baptized and immersed when an adult?

Dale Herrmann

Iím amazed. Pope Benedict the 16th has just released a statement that all children whether they are Christians, Hindus, or Muslims go directly to be with the Lord because they are covered by the blood of Jesus, Romans 5:19, until they are old enough to hear the Gospel and say yes or no to Christ. Now that is exciting. Now even the catechism says baptism is always by plunging them under the water, immersion. So, some of you Protestants are going to have to change your way now listen, I was sprinkled as a baby, but later I had to be rebaptized why? Because it says believe and be baptized, Mark 16:16; repent and be baptized, Acts 2:38; and receive Godís Word and be baptized, Acts 2:41. No baby can do that. I got baptized because I had done those things and thatís the teaching of Godís Word.

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