What country will start the New World Order?

Robin B. Garrard
Rosedale, British Columbia

Well, we donít have to wonder about it, it already has started. Do you know in 63 BC the original Roman Empire was started by Belgium, Holland (which is the Netherlands) and Luxemburg? Do you know that in 1948, all these centuries later it was the same 3: Benelux, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg that started the European Union in 1948 and then we had 3 more join in 1957: Italy, France and Germany, and they called it the revived Roman Empire, the European Union. There were three more then in 72 and then finally in 1981, the final one, Greece became number 10. But as I said last week, itís going to grow into 10 divisions when it becomes global and it is the New World Order, a global one.

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