Iím curious about your video ďAmericaís FutureĒ. Would the same statements apply to our Australian conditions? I do feel that as a country, we have drifted from the teachings of the Bible for which our forefathers came to this land.

Collin Kroschel
Nuriootpa, Australia

Oh very definitely. You see, in Ezekiel 38:16, we just described the war that takes place with Russia, but in verse 13 you have Tarshish and all her young lions banding together to take a stand against Russia. And Tarshish of course and her lions is England. Thatís the great mother lion. America is the eagle. Thatís the lion and all the baby lions, all the English speaking nations of the world and that includes Australia. And judgment is coming because we are inundated with sin. Never have i seen anything like whatís going on in this country. A Russian prognosticator said America will fall by 2010 because of all the immorality. You can find that of course in Isaiah 18:1, Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51, and Revelation chapter 18, verses 9, 17, and 19.

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