Iíve been a long time admirer of your faith in God and your show. Praise God for you. I was wondering what your stand is on the current doomsday talk surrounding 2012, pole shift, climate change and others.

Michael Parker
Sturgis, Michigan

Let me say that next week Iím going to deal with all of this, so be sure to tune in then. But right now I want to tell you this: I donít believe the world will ever end. 120 times this book says itís an everlasting earth. The earth abides forever, Ecclesiastes 1:4. However, I believe many of the things that these seers predicted will happen. Pole shift is one of them. And the Mayans, back in the 5th through the 9th century predicted this thing, and Einstein in 1955 said yes it will happen. It will be catastrophic as far as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and all the rest and he agreed with what the Mayans had said.

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