You said something about May 2009. Are Christians going to have to follow this rule?

Beverly LaBarre
Syracuse, NY

RVI: Now of course, Beverly thatís the rule where they are requiring in the drivers license some microchips. How about it Jack? That seems pretty radical.

JVI: Or in the body. But listen to me. They were going to do it his year, May 12, 2008, but they postponed it to May 12, 2009. Do we believers have to worry about it? No. Why? Because in Revelation 4:1 we hear the words ďCome up hither!Ē and thatís the Rapture. We are gone.

Chapter 13 is in the middle of the Tribulation period after we have evacuated this earth, for 42 months. And then they give the 666 of Revelation chapter 13, verses 16 - 18. If you take the number you are hopelessly lost and thatís for those who are here and thatís revelation 14, verse 11, if you accept Him you rule and reign with Jesus for a thousand years, Revelation 20, verse 4.

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