The Millennial reign of Christ is not mentioned among many christian circles. Can you please explain that coming time period?

Petosky, MI

The Millennial reign of Jesus Christ is a period of 1,000 years upon the earth. The definition of the Millennium is as follows:

"Following the defeat of the opposing armies, the Lord Jesus Christ begins His judgment of the nations (Matthew 25:31-46). First of all, the rebels are purged to go into judgment and punishment (Matthew 25:41,46). Then, those who have been converted by accepting the message that the 144,000 Jews preached during the Tribulation Hour go into the Millennial (1,000 year) reign of Christ. It is important to note that those who rejected the message are lost just as any sinner in any dispensation is lost because he rejected the Saviour. Those who heeded the message including the Gentile multitudes of Revelation 7:14 and Acts 2:21 are allowed to enter the Millennium. Included in the hosts which go into this great hour are the Jews of Old Testament times. They were resurrected at the conclusion of the Tribulation so that they, along with the raised Tribulation saints mentioned in Revelation 20:4-6, might be participants in the Millennium on earth (Daniel 12:2)."

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