Young Christian man killed in Pakistan for not converting to Islam April 23, 2014 reports: “A young man named only as Haroon, 22, has repo...more

Tony Blair: World must take a stand against radical Islam April 23, 2014
Haaretz reports: “The world must take a stand against Islamic fundamentalis...more

'Abbas Is Arafat In Disguise' April 23, 2014
Israel National News reports: “Deputy Minister Ofir Akunis (Likud) criticiz...more

U.S. 'closely watching' for signs of North Korea nuclear test April 23, 2014 reports: “The United States said Tuesday it was watching ‘ve...more

Netanyahu: Abbas must choose between Israel and Hamas April 23, 2014
The Times of Israel reports: “The Palestinian Authority can either make pea...more

War on Christians: The Politics of Persecution April 22, 2014 reports: “In Nigeria, 234 Christian schoolgirls abducted; a J...more

'Video Evidence' of Fresh Syrian Chemical Attack April 22, 2014
Israel National News reports: “The bloody Syrian conflict continues to rage...more

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