ISIS ‘Celebrates’ SCOTUS Decision by Tossing 4 Accused Gay Men Off Roof July 1, 2015 reports: “The jihadist terror group Islamic State responded t...more

Iran Will Not Acknowledge Past Weapons Research in Coming Agreement July 1, 2015 reports: “President Obama said once again on Tuesday that the...more

Nigerian Schoolgirls Slit Christians’ Throats Under Orders From Boko Haram July 1, 2015 reports: “Schoolgirls that have been abducted by the Nigeria-...more

Islamic State Captures First Territory in Afghanistan July 1, 2015 reports: “Islamic State fighters have taken substantial areas...more

Islamic State threatens to topple Hamas in Gaza and 'uproot' Israel July 1, 2015 reports: “Islamic State insurgents threatened on Tuesday...more

Syrian Rebels Execute ISIS Fighters in 'Retribution' Video July 1, 2015
Israel National News reports: “A Syrian rebel group operating around Damasc...more

Shin Bet chief: Hamas gearing up for next round with Israel July 1, 2015
The Times of Israel reports: “Since last summer’s Operation Protective Edge...more

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